Thursday, December 13, 2012

The fear of girdle training

Girdles are an article of Women's undergarments - a control garment. Since my youth, when i cherished upskirt glimpses of Female school mates girdles, they have been instrumental in sending me on a long journey form cross dressing to feminization.

i have posted many times about girdles & i have an extensive collection. Mistress Cassie introduced me to open bottom girdles and has 'girdled' me on an occasion or two.

i still have a preference for long line panty girdles, but are all girdles are wonderful. As long as they have garters. Nylons are a mandatory accessory when this sissy is girdled.

While Mistress has girdled me before, i don't actually consider myself girdled trained. Conditioned?  Influenced greatly by this Garment? Absolutely! But girdle training remains basically unexploited by Mistress. Such training is a fearsome thought indeed.

Back in 2007, when Mistress first panty trained me, i already owned quite a few pairs of panties, including a set of nylon & lace trimmed Day of the Week panties. She put me into the 7 day cycle of DOTW panties and soon after i was trained. Now, i own hundreds of pairs of panties & 0 pairs of 'boy' underwear. Mistress also has be panty color scheduled me and i have since bought a set of coordinated DOTW "Property of Mistress Cassie" panties. my absolute favs. Shimmering nylon with frilly lace trim. mmmmmm

Sunday - White Panties

Monday Purple Panties

Tuesday - Blue Pantiies

WednesdayYellow Panties

Thursday - Pink Panties

Friday - Green Panties

Saturday - Red Panties

O, wait. We're talking girdles here.  :o)

i own girdles in all of these colors and more. Mistress could easily, on a whim, put me in girdle every day,  just like the school girls used to wear them. i'm still in sissy school after all. She could easily put me on a girdle schedule. She could easily girdle train me. The next phone session maybe.

This is the first of 3 'sissy fear' posts, that are clearly starting to look like 'be careful what you wish for' posts. Scary, but i can't help it.

Like the fly caught in the Spider's web, the more i struggle to free myself, the more hopeless my plight.

sissy maid diane


  1. Why don't you just ask her to girdle train you diane? It is obvious you want to be. Or, would that be bad sissy ettiquete? To suggest you want a specified training? Yes. t would be. Don't ask. Just be prepared.

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Girdles are a wonderful form of bondage. I like the panty girdle too, only I like to combine with pantyhose to properly constrain my tiny cockette.

  3. Hi leeane,

    you answered you own question. :o)

    It would be poor etiquette to ask, and yes, i know from previous training experience to be prepared.


  4. Hi michelle,

    Yes, the panty girdle and pantyhose are a lovely, controlling combination. Yummy!

    Thanks for writing.


  5. Hee hee...looks like I see how this girdle training came to be!
    I hope YOU get to cum into the girdle, sissy! :)
    Luv open-bottomed ones, too... Hmm, wondering if you ever found a polka-dot one!!!
    Would love to see the polka-dots thru your thin dress...hee hee!
    Hug, Sar

  6. Hi sara,

    i'm wearing an OBG today in fact.

    Now, polka dots i hadn't thought of. Hmmmmmm.....


  7. A snug panty girdle is such a wonderfull garment to be used to feminize as well as punish. Paired with an equally snug long line bra is a must for sissy in training. Panty hose heels and a satin babydoll nightie will complete "her" attire for the night.