Friday, December 14, 2012

The fear of fleshlight training

Without exaggerating (or extensive analysis), i've probably masturbated somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 times since puberty. I'd say that about 99.9% of these events involved wearing panties. Yes, i masturbated early & often, wearing panties. Usually a slip was involved as well. i love the feel slippery feel of nylon on nylon. Long before i was panty trained and feminized by Mistress Cassie. Until Her training took hold, i always took the panties (and other lingerie) off, as quickly as i came. i was horrified by my obsession and need to Female underwear. Now, of course, i embrace that need.

So, another masturbation factoid. Out of the thousands of masturbation events i have cum exactly 0 (ZERO) times using a masturbator. It's not like i haven't own a few. i still have two supposedly 'pussy like' sleeves that have never been cum into. i also have a pump, a suction tube with vibration. i tried feverishly to cum into that thing. No dice. i've also tried repeatedly to cum in the cock cage while wearing it. Talk about futility.

There have been other unsuccessful toy purchases along the way. Other masturbators. NADA. ZILCH.

Then - along comes the Fleshlight. i ordered it several months ago and after lubing it up i was instantly aroused, and entered the 'flesh'. i knew right away that this one had REAL potential! i believe the manufacturer's claim that it is the #1 selling sex toy of all time. Yet i didn't cum and didn't try to, because i felt that Mistress needed to be involved. i obsessed about it for a while, posted about it, and planned on a session with Mistress Cassie.

Instead it's hidden it now under my bed in fear. Fear that She will get me to cum into and fear of the implications.

Mistress has forever weaned me from real Pussy.

 She has trained me to enter the hard unforgiving plastic of the cock cage every time i masturbate. EVERY time. i'm cage trained. A non stop theme of Her training from day one was the cock cage. Just like my 'pre Mistress' panties, i owned a cock cage. And just like the panties, i lost interest in it after masturbating. It was exciting to think about, but actually putting in on after masturbation just wasn't going to happen.

Mistress certainly broke down that wall with ease, in the first phone session. Now, i there's the frightening thought of the Fleshlight. i suspect that Mistress could session me into a fleshlight cum. There's no reason to think She can't. But after all these years of never cumming into a masturbation device? omg!

Between the denial of real Pussy, the plastic cock cage prison and now maybe the plastic pussy?  Talk about pussification.

So, we'll see. This is the second of the 'fear' series of posts. And, the second of the 'be careful what you wish for' posts. Will Mistress girdle train me? Will Mistress get me to cum into the fleshlight plastic pussy. Will She  fleshlight train me? Oh, my!

Stay tuned.

The hobble skirt & high heel 'fear' post is up next.

sissy maid diane


  1. Your "pre mistress" feelings of lost interest after cumming and the 99% of the time using panties sounds like you are describing me today.

    I brush it off as a fetish but...maybe I am a bigger sissy then I thought?!

  2. diane, I can make you cum anywhere and anytime I want. ... at the post office? in church? out hunting? ... in a plastic pussy, in an old womans purse at walmart... anywhere. anytime.

    however, have you ever thought that maybe that plastic pussy is so enticing because it is fulfills your need to have a pussy, not fuck one, but have one, physically between your pretty stocking clad girly legs?

  3. dear anonymous, I have the answer to your question. we need to talk.
    of course, you already know the answer as well. what colour are your panties today?

  4. Hello Mistress,

    Yes, i know all of this & more about Your power over me. When i girdled for a few hours today, i made a commitment to stay in chastity until i can start my girdle training properly and in earnest, including a picture post here.

    i will be back in town for several days on Thursday. It won't take long after that & You will be hearing from me. i will be freshly shaved, wearing a girdle & stockings, of course. In fact will be entirely sissy dressed and made up appropriately for a long overdue session with my Mistress.

    i guess i better have the plastic pussy handy, so that You can use it if & as You see fit. Including hearing about my pussification and plastic vs. having my very own, real pussy. i know from a few hours girdled today that i have some extra, bothersome flesh where i shouldn't.

    Yes, wouldn't reassignment surgery would be the sissy assignment of all time?

    Oh, my! And oh, please no...............


  5. Hun, my masturbation habits (history) are sooooo like yours!!!
    And I STILL mostly cum into nylon panties. The fleshlight sure can be fun, though, at times... Whatever your Mistress says, huh?

  6. Mistress Cassie,

    My panties are a lavender purple today. Oops... I know you are right but it is so hard letting go.

    How may I talk with you?

  7. Hello anonymous,

    i started with text, here is Mistress Cassie's contact info:

    Text: cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg


    Phone: 1-877-226-9810 (pay)



  8. Hi sara,

    Well, then you know exactly what i'm talking about! :)

    Yes, whatever Mistress says......