Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sissy feminization pictures - part 21 - the sissy bikini

Well, i remember this shoot. my first gurly bathing suit and i modeled it with my new sissy maid tan lines. A tad embarrassing, especially with these added, less than 'cover gurl' quality pics. It's all about the assignment, and as Mistress told me, boys don't have tan lines around their breasts and with bra strap outlines. It's a gurl thing, a gurl thing that i was reminded of constantly, in the mirror, in the shower, when i got dressed.

i bought these pantyhose especially for this shoot. They are beauty pageant hose, sheer from toe to the waist, and were a sheer delight to wear.

It's a gurl thing.

i know there's more tan line pics, i'm just not sure when that folder will come up. One folder and sub folder at a time.

sissy maid diane. 


  1. Hell Mistress,

    Thank You! i did feel sexy in my bikini. :o)


  2. maid diane- ooh, what a sexy shoot! The thought of "tan lines" is just sooo hawt and humiliating.... I love it! :D :D
    You look so thin here, so congratulations! Mistress must have you on a nice diet program :)
    Love the hose... did you get them here (DC area) store, or online?

  3. Hi Weave,

    Humiliating, yes. Fortunately, i didn't have any Doctor office visits for a while there.

    Have to stay trim for the boys! And Mistress of course.

    i bought that bikini at a local store. It was fun looking through the racks. It was a Ross i think. "Dress for less"!