Monday, June 20, 2011

sissy feminization pictures

i have a LOT of pictures from posts and assignments since i started blogging in July 2008. Some are gone, but many are still in random folders on my computer. And random posts is what i'll be doing in a series, in no particular order.

They are a collection, a collage of the femming process, guided very capably by the incomparable Mistress Cassie. Some of the photo's have not been published and may not be particularly flattering, but - it was and is a process. Typically i took a good number of photos in any given shoot and discarded ones that i didn't like, bad lighting, blurry - whatever. Now, i'm just taking one folder at a time as they show on my computer and loading them up, warts and all. Here's today's:

I'll high lite my favorites in a final of this 'recapturing the old blog' series of posts. After that................Mistress awaits.

sissy maid diane 

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