Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sissy toys

So, where was i? Oh yes, the sissy toys. i have lots of sissy toys. The two most important ones are pictured today from previous picture shoots. The dildo and the dreaded cock cage.

During my first first phone session with Mistress 3 years ago, both played a critical role in what happened during that life changing session. i already owned more than one dildo and played with them as sissy toys. They were toys. Mistress had me fetch two of them while i was on the phone. In short order, one was in my mouth and the other was in my ass. Mistress Cassie proceeded to take control, control that She has never relinguished.  Rather She seized the moment and laid the foundation for complete control. Stuffed with dildo's, Mistress described with Her hypnotic voice what the dildo's represented. Jack's cock in my mouth, Bill's cock up my ass. i thought i was dressing because it felt good. But Women dress in lingerie, Women wear perfume and shave and wear high heels. Women get Their hair and nails done at salons. Women attract men........

Why did i own lingerie? Why did i own dildo's? Why did i call Mistress Cassie? She answered these questions - quickly!

These fictitious men were represented by plastic dildoes. The men were fictitious, the dildo's were real. The true reality was Her message. She was capable of immediately taking my sissy toys and making them weapons in Her arsenal for feminizing me for real. There was no 'toying' around. Eventually Mistress had me buy a big, special dildo for ongoing training. She owned my ass, but mercifully left it alone. But the seed was planted. Cock sucking practice with my new big, juicy dildo was not something She left alone. After many sessions and a lot of training i ended up sucking a real cock - for Mistress. The toy became a constant reminder of Her control, and what She was capable of doing to me. The days of dressing in gurly things for self pleasure with my own fantasies abruptly ended, forever. Mistress' needs and desires became central. The feminizing was under way.

Before the dildo's filled me that first night i told Mistress about the cock cage. An irresistible symbol of what real Female domination might entail. The awful unforgiving hard plastic prison. Prior to 2008, i owned it & occasionally wore it. i dressed and fantasized about being put into the cage after masturbating. i looked at numerous images of beautiful Women, Women who would make me cum, Women who would lock that awful contraption onto me after orgasm, controlling my cock under lock and key. Invariably, i enjoyed dressing. i masturbated but the cage didn't go on - ever. In fact, my gurly lingerie came off in self disgust. Mistress remebers me challenging Her to put me in the cage that first night. i remember it as a test rather than a challenge. A test of whether my fantasies could be fulfilled by a phone call. i wasn't expecting the dildo treatment. i wasn't expecting something more than a sexy voice either. As i came to find out, Mistress Cassie is a whole lot more than a sexy voice. She if top of class at real time feminization. She is a Force.

Yes, i came listening to Her silky, Feminine, urging and undeniable Voice. The dildo's in place, the cage waiting. i came, She conquered. The cage went on, the lock was closed. The long chapter of my life as a  cross dresser embarrassed by the need to dress closed as well. The unanswered need to be dominated and feminized was now going to be addressed. There would be no turning back.

Sex toys?

No, not any more. Play time ended in May 2008. Mistress used those toys as as tools. The dildo is still in bed with me every night. Just as i take comfort every night in wearing my nightie, bra and panties, i take comfort in having my dildo with me.

But what about that horrible cage? Just like having a dildo up my ass, i worry about health concerns being confined in that contraption. Impossibly uncomfortable, especially when i got aroused, and yes, it aroused me. A symbol of Her control, a reminder of Her, it came to define a true love hate relationship.Not long ago, Mistress gave me an out, an escape from that plastic prison. After i expressed my concerns about the thing, She casually told me to throw the cage away. A one time offer, no doubt. She didn't need it to control me.

Did i take the opportunity and toss it in the trash??????????

Next up, my original blog roots and memories of going out for the first time. And maybe the 2nd and 3rd and.............who knows?
sissy maid diane


  1. You are so lucky to have Mistress Cassie!! what a hot and wonderful post. My bet is you didn't throw it in the trash. Please continue your story. hugs

  2. be careful what you wish for! ... and even worse, be careful what you 'challenge a Mistress to do' ... LOL .. trapped forever, diane. Forever Changed.

    All for Mistress Cassie.

  3. Hello regina,

    Yes, i am lucky to have Mistress Cassie. i'll wait on the cage tell, but the stories will continue. :o)


  4. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, i learned early to be careful what i wish for with You. You make fantasies come true, then take them to a whole new level. A life altering level.

    i don't think i'll challenge You again, ever. i am forever changed. And my restlessness lately reminds me that i am trapped forever. You are pulling me back in without even trying. That's the trap, and i know there is no escape. :o)


    sissy maid diane