Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sissy feminization pictures - part 19 - a little bit of everything femme

Well, this is quite a collection here. i'm a little dumbfounded by this folder. By way of explanation, there is a master folder on my computer labeled MC. For those who can't figure out what MC stands for, well shame on you.

In the MC folder there are a bunch of pic folders. In those folders reside sub folders, lots of them. They all have pictures of diane. Most are from photo sessions taken during one sitting. This sub folder is all over the place. i'm not going to try & figure it out, i'm just posting it. i'm sure a lot of these pics were never posted on my original blog, and there may be some repeats (sorry about that). But the sheer number of photos in general is quite telling, i think. This particular folder is the largest i've encountered to date by far. Lots of variety here.

And yes, more to come.

sissy maid diane

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