Monday, June 20, 2011

sissy tan lines - sissy feminization pictures - part 4

This one i remember well. sissy tan lines! An assignment from Mistress Cassie. Watching golf, the deer mount on the wall - so manly!

Still more.........many more. How awful for me.

sissy maid diane


  1. My sister and her girlfriends thought I would look pretty as a girl and asked if they could make me up. I agreed. They put my hair in a french braid, applied make up stood back and giggled with glee. They asked if they could finish my transformation with the appropriate clothing. Why not? However as they stripped me I became embarassingly hard which they duly ignored. They put me in panties, bra, knee hi socks,and finally their school uniform plaid skirt and white blouse. They took me to the local drivein and introduced me as my sisters cousin. The boys took a real interest in me. I got in a boys car to listen to his 8track. One thing led to another and soon he was sucking on my tongue and really feeling me up. I pushed him off and pulled his slacks and briefs to his ankles. As I wrapped my fingers around his shaft he spurted clear to the roof and pulled on my cock as I filled my panties with lots of goo. Then I jumped out of the car and ran for my sister. I jumped in the car and as they took me home I told them what happened. They insisted on looking in my panties for proof. They all complimented me on my venture. They had all been trying to get in my new boyfriends pants without any luck. They've decided we have to continue with this activity...