Saturday, June 18, 2011

The sissy maid

                                                                 The 1997 sissy maid

my interest in being a sissy maid dates back quite a while, even before Mistress Cassie. After my divorce in 1997, i dressed and took some pictures that i still have. Of course i wasn't properly trained then, not shaved and certainly not appreciative of what serving really means.

                                                                More from 1997

Since then, things have changed. I a perfect world, i would serve as Mistress Cassie's sissy maid, serving Her, Her quests Her men. Even a weekend of such bliss would be like heaven on earth. That's highly likely, of course. But the reality is that there is a real significance in my sissy maid persona. i have been trained by Mistress Cassie to serve Her. i am Her sissy.

Here are some pictures taken after 1997, during my training by Mistress. Yes, i am a sissy maid.

sissy maid diane


  1. maid diane-
    Ooh, love this walk through the past! You already did look so cute as a sissy back then. Mistress has taken you sooo much farther now. :)
    Lovely pics, hon!

  2. Hello Weave,

    There will be more revisiting that past & my lost blog. And the end result is just how far Mistress has taken me.

    i'm glad you're enjoying the pics!