Saturday, June 25, 2011

Strapped onto the feminization rocket and the sissy caption explosion

This big folder of pics from 2009 depicts me as very very deep down the sissy rabbit hole. It's clear to see that i became even more fascinated with sissy captions, and i was experimenting with a lot of different looks. The models i typically had masturbated to for years, young, sexy, well endowed, always wearing lingerie became role models. they became subjects for my own caps. In the short term i would become obsessed with their image. Long term, my ultimate obsession was with Mistress Cassie. She led to the fountain of feminization and i drank heartily. It was difficult to avoid drowning & still is of course. Mistress can be an overwhelming Force. A Force no sissy can deal with or withstand. One of Her endearing strengths is that She is aware of Her power, and allows Her trapped sissy a chance to live a life not entirely devoted to Her. Mistress will even advise that life balance is healthy. But She also knows that given time, She can & will permanently change & trap a sissy. She had a lot of time to work on me. i have been seeking balance in my life in recent months, but whatever changes are taking place, there remains one constant left from the intense femming that i received over the last 3 years. i have been changed forever.Mistress has seen to that, even in the unlikely event that i never spoke to Her again. Soon, i will run out of pictures from my old blog, especially posting 100's at a time. Then i will run out of time, and a decision about more femming awaits. And so does Mistress/

i've had my share of camera struggles. i can't remember why these b&w pics are around. It wasn't intentional.

This is Monica. i'm pretty sure in my next folder She resurfaces. i have come to regard such models as soldiers in Mistress Cassie's Army. Monica would rank as an officer, but there's no doubting Who The Commandress In Chief is.

More and more lingerie to work every day...................

 A sudden inspiration, the sissy spread sheet. i was doing some self tracking of just how much femming was going on & for a while i posted it every week. It evolved & grew.

One of my favs here.

i did series of shoots, here one of the many girdles  i wore doing one shoot after another in a different color. i did cage shoots too. with newspapers & numbered locks to prove to the world my long term caging was real. Amazingly, Mistress Cassie's sentenced me to modest amounts of time in the cage. These long term spurts were self imposed, sort of.....................

my first pair of cotton panties. Always a lover of nylon & satin, i managed to cum easily enough in these pretty panties.

i bought my ribboned sissy panties from an online store in England, this pair i didn't buy. Now i wonder why. i remember longing after them and immediately recognized th-his picture. They are so sweet.

i became fascinated with this combination of a Pussy pump & the imagined 'Pussy denied"

The big sissy tits. An 'H' cup load of silicone and a load of trouble. The femming fast track got even slicker when these arrived.

my gold pencil skirt. i really enjoyed this shoot. i was really starting to feel it, feeling Womanly.

Glitter high heels. my first pair. i won several l now, the same shoe in different colors. Comfortable for long term wear, another seductive feminization trap. i was wearing heels so often and for such extended periods, that when i wasn't wearing them, i tended to walk around the house on the ball of my feet.

More of Monica.

Enjoying my huge tits, but paying a price.

i love my angel shoot. Some mights i felt Womanly, this night was all sissy gurl delight.

i know there are a number of photo's that have been posted already, but the last three posts are a pretty good and comprehensive snapshot of the femming process as it developed. i think i only have one more big folder & it's the most recent stuff. i haven't looked at it yet, but i suspect there's even more embarrassing stuff coming (if that's possible), including the unexpected influence of pics of the long gone ex wife. Oh, my. Hard to explain.

sissy maid diane

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