Saturday, June 25, 2011

sissy photos rediscovered, sissy panties, slips, girdles, stockings, high heels, assingments, captions and more - ultra feminization conducted by Mistress Cassie

Well, this is amazing to me. Somehow Picasa Web Albums was unknown to me until this morning. Imagine my surprise when i stumble onto this Google feature. i was having trouble uploading pics for another round of pictures past. Then, i found this Picasa link and there were over 1,000 photos form my original blog.

So, a some of these are repeats of earlier posts on this new blog. But importantly, they are all repeats from my first blog. While i was putting up quite a few photos that didn't make the final;l cut from the blog #1, these are the origianlly  posted photo's - and they appear to be in order.

i know for sure that the first 'salad pics were from my first post. There is an interesting story in the succession, i think. The story of a sissy becoming feminized by Mistress Cassie, one step at a time.

The sissy salad dressing assignment.

my first open bottom girdle. Thank You for introducing me to this garment, Mistress Casssie

The i'm a little tea pot assignment from Mistress.

Learning to pee like a gurl.

i think my legs are my best gurly featuure. Shaving, heels and stockings really do help.

The dildo that became a central part of my training.

From my Macy's make up counter make over, done by the lovely Jessica. The notes are written by Her.

sissy punishment from Mistress. i wrote this 500 times........

Discovering latex, for an on line Male admirerer.

sissy girdle addiction exposed.

Oh, how i love slips!

And, oh how i love my Mistress Cassie!

Petticoats are so, so gurly.....

Becoming a big fan of captions.

my make up chest.

Out on a date, my fisrt. my date took this picture at a restaurant.

Caging frenzy...

The sissy go-go gurl.

i suddenly start getting 'diane' mail.

It's fitting that the last photo in this particular album (of 500 photos) was none other than Mistress Cassie. Not planned, it just worked out that way, kinda like me falling deep into Mistress' feminization trap. Under Her control, forever cahaged..........................

sissy maid diane


  1. (sigh!) What lovely panties... pee and dildo training, transitioning pics... all!! :D

  2. Hi Weave,

    Yes, all................

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Thanks for commenting.