Friday, December 13, 2013

sissy hormone therapy

Mistress Cassie's control over me is a such a point that i'm fantasizing about gender reassignment. The fantasy is nothing new, of course. Many sissies like myself dream of real breasts and a vagina.

The punishment girdle has well supported breast cups, that don't require a bra. And, i'm not wearing one. The breast forms are in place for the 24 hours of girdling however.


The first steps of fantasizing to reality are to engage in HRT (Hormone  Replacement Therapy). While it is recommended to consult with a physician, i am not quite ready for that as yet. There are two over the counter measures that i've started using this week. A description of both of these two agents:


Black Cohosh preparations are made from the roots of the plant, a member of the buttercup family.
The problems and side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have increased the popularity of alternative methods of treating menopausal symptoms.
The medical community seems to be shifting its viewpoint on hormone replacement. It appears that most traditional doctors now prefer using low doses of hormones for a brief period of time to treat menopausal symptoms, but prefer not to continue hormone replacement therapy indefinitely as in the past. Black cohosh is not particularly well-known in conventional medicine.


As a a woman ages, certain hormone levels like progesterone start to decline. This imbalance sets off a whole list of reactions within the body. For those wishing to avoid pills that can come with a long list of possible side effects, they may want to check out alternatives such as progesterone cream. This cream is considered by many as a natural alterative to hormone replacement therapy, supposedly yielding less side effects than the synthetic pills

More to come on this & more feminization to come.

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