Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coming across a timeless (and timely) Mistress Cassie caption

During my latest new assignment from Mistress Cassie, the introduction to cuckolding assignment, She made mention of looking over some of my captions.

As it happens, i happened to come across this caption, from my old blog, while i was caged this weekend and undergoing Mistress' latest 'treatment' of any lingering symptoms of maleness that i may still possess. Mind you, this caption was penned months ago. Hmmmmm, i wonder if it's one of the ones She happened to come across.

It struck me that this caption is much more relevant now than ever. Back then, i was fantasizing.........

In other sissy news, today is yellow panties day. While i have been wearing yellow panties on Wednesday for a couple of years now, since Mistress started Wednesday .Crunch' day in yellow.

Today was different, because it was yellow 'Blaze' day today. i'm still enjoying my shaved legs, which until last Saturday had become unforgivably hairy. So, for the 5th day in a row, i'm in stockings. Along with yellow pettipants and a girdle, well - that was at work. The girdle wearing was the first time in a while too. It really is a quite a 'control' garment. It's kinda like wearing a spandex cage. So, now at home, i've added my silicone filled yellow bra, a half slip, a cami and high heels, all yellow. Yes, i like Wednesday's.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- Yellow looks good all over you! I see Mistress has helped you build quite a collection! :)
    Eek, I didn't wear yellow... may need a punishment! :)

  2. Hi Weave,

    Yes, Mistress has made sure that yellow is one of my fav colors, and i have lots of yellow things to choose from. It goes back to the roots of my current cuckold training.

    Yes, you def should have been in yellow on Wednesday. Bad gurl! :o)


  3. Funny, yellow is a color I rarely have noticed in the stores! :)
    Where did you get all

  4. HiWeave,

    Once in while i'll come across something in a tore that's yellow, but most of it comes from on line.

    Slips and cam'i are almost always items i have to get dyed. Yellow and green are tough to find. Especially yellow heels.