Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #2 - the sissy panties

Well, here it is one week after receiving Mistress Cassie's 2nd challenge. i ordered these sissy panties.

Listed by Mistress Cassie as her favorite choice it was an obvious place for me to start my search. What a great place to buy specialty panties! There are so many panty choices and the Customer Service is wonderful. Shortly after placing my order i received this e-mail:

Re: New Order

Saturday, August 13, 2011 9:19 PM
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Thank you for your order
You selected EML2, Did you want the design on it also or just the words Property of Mistress Cassie
Thank you
Customer Service

Oh, my!

So, i politely responded with:

Re: New Order
Saturday, August 13, 2011 9:23 PM
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"" <>

Hello Susan,
i just want the words Property of Mistress Cassie, please.
Thank You,
sissy diane

This was late last Saturday night. Then after an automated order process, these wonderful panties were embroidered, shipped and came to my house on Thursday. i was amazed, as it frequently takes longer than that to get 'regular' lingerie. Nothing regular about these panties.

i already own two blue pairs of embroidered sissy panties and they are 'i am owned by Mistress Cassie' panties. Blue is so sweet, but i knew pink would be the choice for these panties, and for this challenge.

So here i am all dressed in pink, happily wearing my panties, and will shortly be on the phone with Mistress, getting a Mistress Cassie session. A proper ending to this challenge. Tomorrow, i will be baking for Mistress Cassie's challenge #3.

But for tonight i am proudly celebrating the fact that i am definitely the Property of Mistress Cassie

sissy maid diane


  1. Oh, I love these pink property of ME panties!
    Well done sissydiane, well done.

  2. Hello Mistress,

    Thank You! i'm so happy to hear that You love them. So do i! :o)

    sissy maid diane

  3. diane-- I love these! So sexy, and look great on you!! Nice to hear manties was a good place to order, hon!

  4. Hi Sara,

    Thank you! i'm glad you like them. Manties is a great place to order specialty panties - and they are affordable. i see more in my future. Like maybe 'cuckold of Mistress Cassie'. :o)

    sissy maid diane

  5. Hi Weave,

    i kinda like the thought myself. :o)