Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The sissy's gift of a lifetime - from Mistress Cassie's High School graduation

Well, i've ordered a couple of things on line recently. Very recently. They will be on display soon enough, but it's much too soon for their arrival. So, i was a little puzzled to have a package waiting for me when i got home tonight.

When i saw the return address, i knew immediately it was something special. Something not available on line from any store. It was a gift from my amazing Mistress, Mistress Cassie.

At first i thought it might be curtains, as i excitedly opened it. Once freed form the packaging, i realized it was a gown, a dress, a garment so personal, so endearing that i was simply stunned. It sent my mind spinning. Then i remembered a conversation with Mistress weeks a go, during a phone session. She was telling me about Her high school graduation dress, which She believed was in Her attic. She 'threatened' me with locating it and sending it to me. i was in the cage very shortly after She shared that nugget. Just that thought.............

Well, now it's a reality. This is the second time that Mistress has sent me one of Her belongings. She sent me a lovely purse a couple of years ago (pictured here).

It is just one of the many things that sets Her apart from all others. Yes, Mistress Cassie is a professional sissy Trainer. She is one of countless thousands that offer sissy training for pay. It is Her profession. But trust me, She is one in a million. How many on line Mistresses would send a sissy something like this? (Get back to me on that question and good luck - you'll need it.)

The dress is the one, the only one, She wore for Her High School Graduation. It's irreplaceable, priceless, one of a kind, a part of Her personal history. Mistress has entrusted me with the future care & love of this dress. It will signify my own graduation. The hand written note that came from Her in the package is something i may share a portion of to give it some historical perspective. Pictured here is the outside of the card, which reads - "To Imagine is Everything". This gift transcends even my vivid imagination.

Like the dress, the note itself is something that i'll always cherish. Unless Mistress tells me otherwise, the inside, written potion of the note itself will not be photographed and will remain unpublished in full. It is personal, between The Mistress and Her adoring sissy.

When She first tarted training me 3 1/2 years ago, i was a cross dresser and a day dreamer. Dreaming of Dominant Women and dreaming of feminization, especially forced feminization. Mistress Cassie has slowly and very surely feminized me to the point of no return. She has shown me the wonder of all that is Female, and done it in way that i wouldn't characterize as forceful overall. Yes, She flexes Her Domination muscles from time to time as necessary. i have spent countless hours caged and sucking on a dildo. A very uncomfortable part of my femming.

And, on occaision She has even punished me. Thankfully, not lately. Her punishments are not sexy or something a sissy fantasizes about. Her punishments are meant to keep the sissy in line and on track. They are a reminder of Who is in charge. sissies love that word - punishment. i see it in search key words on my blog. i've read about it & dreamed of it, even longed for it. It's what sissies do. What a lot of on line for pay Mistresses do is take the easy money road. They hand out popular, sexy punishments.

The sissy is satisfied, all parties are happy. In the case where the sissy must share the punishment, even onlookers are happy. Here we have a Mistress that defies convention. In a way, this dress is mentally punishing to me. If my mind wanders these days, it's about not being feiminized. This feminine, soft, pretty dress crushes those kind of day dreams. Mistress Cassie feminizes from the inside out. She has taken me far, far down the femming road. To the point where i wonder how much more road is left.

Well, today i realize that She is capable of creating a new sissy highway instantaneously. Just putting this dress on took me to a new, different, wondrous place. A more gurly place, a wonderful place indeed. i want to dress up tonight and post, but this is far too special. Tonight, i'll try to recover from the implications of this new addition to my sissy wardrobe. Just like that - Mistress has drawn me even closer to Her now.

The dress is full length (happily i own a long crinoline petticoat) and needs altering. i'm just giving a hint of it's pretty, ultra femme design tonight. This amazing dress will now be the subject of my sewing assignment. But i know it will lead to much more than that. i can feel it coming & Mistress will fill in the blanks in Her own way and in Her own good time. This dress deserves my full attention, a complete & proper dress up & post. It's not a week night project. Any plans i had for this weekend are altered now, just like the dress will be so that i can fit into it. It 's to be my graduation dress as well, graduating to the next level of femming at the hands of the incomparable Mistress Cassie.

There will be much more to come on this subject. Right now, i am still reeling.............

sissy maid diane


  1. What a delightful gift from your Mistress, I am glad you two share such a good relationship.

    Mistress Aimee

  2. Hello Mistress Aimee,

    Thank You for Your comment. Yes, it is delightful! And as pretty and soft as this dress is, it 'cements' my relationship with Mistress. :o)

    Best regards,
    sissy maid diane

  3. Congratulations, diane!! So *nice* of Mistress! :)

  4. diane- just a quick note to tell you that your and Mistress' posts are catching on... I've again drank my cum from this morning's condom! Thank you, hon!

  5. hmmm, Looks like sara is a naughty cum loving sissy! Let's see some pics, sara.

    Mistress Cassie

  6. Hello sara,

    Thank you! i do love that dress so! i'm happy to see that the posts are catching on for you - keep 'drinking it up'!


  7. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, sara seems quite excited about drinking cum, and some pics would be nice.

    Now where could she be getting such ideas?

    sissy maid diane