Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #3 - It's sissy baking day!

Here's my submission for Mistress Cassie's 3rd sissy.challenge. It's baking day for sissy diane. After all of these years, it's my first attempt at baking. It couldn't possibly me appropriate that it's for my Mistress. And, i must say that they turned out pretty well for a first timer. Yummy. i picked fudge brownies because Mistress likes chocolate.

Today is also sissy  laundry day, so i wore some more sensible 3" high heels rather than my usual 5" plus high high heels. Lots of sissy chores today.  :o)

But the baking is the best part of today's sissy maid chores. And, naturally i am in my sissy maid uniform for the day. It's also white panty day on Mistress Cassie's panty schedule, so i found a pair of white ruflled panties to wear.

There are many more challenges/ assignments on Mistress' blog. A sissy's training never ends. And neither does my devotion to Mistress and my desire to please Her.

The chocolate fudge brownies turned out pretty wee. i didn't have anyone to serve them to, but i'll take some to work tomorrow, wearing my Monday purple panties.

Maybe next time, i'll have a boy here to cook for. :o)

But for today, it's all for Mistress Cassie.. There will be much more to come as i try to stay up with the challenges.

i did notice that i need some pretty kitchen things, like oven mitts. More shopping to do.

Also, a had a long phone session with Mistress Cassie late last night, after the sissy panty post. A lot of ground was covered, including the challenges, cuckolding, a new assignment fro a September return to the nail salon and She played a cook cage game.

She assigned 4 times, 3, 8 13 and 20 hours on slips of paper numbered from 1-4 and shuffled them. I chose the # 3 and won. Only 3 hours caged! There was a Mistress caveat though. If i didn't wake up 3 hours after the caging began, i had to add the wake up time in hours to time already served.

Naturally i didn't wake up at 3:30 a.m. this morning, but rather 8:30. So, i had 8 hours caged instead of 3.hours. Then i was compelled to add 8 1/2 hours to that. So, the 3 hours turned into 16.5 hours. Mistress wins the game, as always.  :o)

Ultimately, She'll win the sissy challenge as well. There is no limit to Her imagination, or the challenges that She can come up with. And the deep feminization continues.........

sissy maid diane


  1. good girl diane! I wish I could eat one of those yummmy brownies, same for Blaze.
    Bonus for the maid's uniform!

  2. Hello Mistress,

    mmmmmmm, Thank You (and Blaze).

    And thank You for the bonus points. There will be more challenges completed and posted here. i'm feeling the sudden urge to dance - and sew - and more!

    sissy maid diane

  3. sissy diane- Congratulations hon, you look very pretty in those kitchen shots... white panties "become" you! :)

    I have to ask, how does your sissy laundry routine work, hon? Would love to hear some details...

    Ooh, quite the "caged" game.. yes, of course you lost. But you're doing great!

  4. Hi Weave,

    Thank you, the kitchen is natural habitat for a sissy maid. And white does have it's place in my panty collection.

    my laundry days are very colorful, especially these days. Lots of pretty pastels. Some items, like my new 'property of Mistress Cassie' panties are for hand washing only.

    i'll have to do a laundry day shoot. :o)

    As for the cage, i lose a lot at that game....