Sunday, August 7, 2011

The first 'taste' of cuckolding cums to an end

So, the 200 minutes of dildo sucking, the shaving, the dressing, the caging after days of chastity cums to an end. i've had my first taste of cuckold training by Mistress Cassie with a little help from Her Lover, Blaze.

This afternoon, i was allowed to cum, onto my dildo. The decision was made via IM with Mistress. i received 5 comments on the Thursday post by Mistress. The call to being cucked post. One of the comments was from Mistress Herself, so the question was whether it would count as one of the 5. Fortunately, Blaze was impressed by my efforts over the weekend and voted for release. This generous act has immediately endeared Him to me.

And it dawns on me that tis is that nature of being a cuckold. It is the pleasure of Mistress and Her Lover that concerns me, not my own. i think it is important to note that i naturally thought more and more of Blaze's cock during the 2900 minute suck fest this weekend. the Cock that takes care of Mistress' sexual needs. How fitting that He had a say in my release.

Mistress has given an unknown amount of time to consider this new training. She will call me to serve Her & Blaze again at Her or His whim. i don't know what the next phase of my training will be, or when. i've already been sissified and pussified, and today the taste of my next phase of training was that of cum. i freshened my make up, changed my nail polish color and heels to blue and came - violently, all over my dildo. And then i was rewarded with the taste of cum, my own cum, this time. The training, after all, has just begun.

i have no way of knowing where this training is headed, but i do know this::

During an early Saturday morning IM session with Mistress i was complaining about how difficult it all was, the cage was miserable, and my jaws were already aching from the dildo sucking. She simply said i should be thanking Her for the opportunity to be Her cuckold.

This afternoon that's exactly what i did. I thanked Her for allowing me to be Her cuckold, and for giving me the needed training to be a good one. I also asked Her to give my thanks and best regards to Blaze.

And so it begins......

sissy maid diane


  1. Ooh, congrats! I'll BET your jaw was!!
    The ending of it all was nice, wasn't it?! :D

  2. Hi awaeve,

    yes, my jaws were sore. Forget about the sucking (although i'll never for get it), just having my mouth open for that big cock so often was challenging. :o)

    Yes, the ending was very, very nice. cuckolding does have it's occasional reward, even though it's always are on Mistress' terms.....


  3. Diane- from my suction cup dildo, I know the jaw does take a beating... yes, I see your, er, point! :)

    Sounds like a great ending!! Did you love the clean-up and taste!?


  4. Hi Weave,

    Yes, i took a 'beating' for sure.

    It was a great ending. i'm learning to like the taste of cum. Soon enough i'll crave it, i suppose. It's all part of the training. :o)