Saturday, August 6, 2011

Help - i'm being cuckolded!

Day 3 and i still need help, just one more comment on Mistress Cassie's Thursday post - please:

It is difficult enough to be wearing the cage, sucking the dildo for 200 minutes and dealing with new emotions about becoming Mistress Cassie's cuckold. i think a lot about Her and Her lover Blaze. She was sure to mention the two of them in a lengthy IM session early this Saturday morning.

Now, i am freshly shaved, my nails painted and dressed i red. Mistress has a panty color schedule for Her sissies, which i follow. Saturday is red panty day and red it is. She wanted me in a corset so here's what i have in red. This is the first full dress up post i've put up in months.

i'm already pussified, and now i am well into this new cuckold training. So with one more comment i will at least be able to have a cummie tomorrow afternoon. i'll have to cum onto the dildo i've spent 160 minutes (so far) sucking away on. Then, i'll have the pleasure of cleaning the cum off. More than symbolic of sucking Blaze's cock if you ask me.

So here it is cuckold diane in red, with another day of the cage and anther 40 minutes 'on the dildo' yet to go.
These nylons sure do feel silky on my freshly shaved legs. mmmmmmm

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- Ooh, you look very pretty in the first pic!! :)
    I had red panties on yesterday myself.
    Quite the training you're getting!
    I do like seeing the W.Post in the pics... I'm not alone here!
    Mmm, you're going to have cummies, and then get a meal... yum!! (ooh!! You just reminded me, I have condom full of my cum to eat, after fucking Wife with it yesterday...THANKS!!)

  2. Hi Weave,

    Thank you! What a nice visual, draining the condom after sex wife your Wife. Yummy.

    Could you do me a huge favor, please? After your delish meal, how about laving a quick comment on Mistress Cassie's Thursday post.

    i'm running out of time & i need a friend there. :o)


  3. Well I did drain it, hon... thanks to your inspiration!

    I'm sooo sorry I missed this, and extended your frustration... I can just imagine! Well, maybe sometime I can hand-wash some panties for you or something, LOL!

    Have fun, hon!

  4. Hi Sara,

    Good for you! i'm sure it was yummy!

    The whole exercise was about denial and frustration on the behalf of Mistress & Blaze. So, you actually helped in the assignment in a way.

    Hand washing panties is so much fun! Sounds more like you'd be treating yourself than making up. ;o)