Friday, August 5, 2011

sissy cuckold training - and so it begins........

Day one of my cuckold training by Mistress Cassie. Challenge number one - getting the cage on while in chastity and anticipating, oh the anticipation..................

Yes, the time has come for the next phase of my feminization, my ongoing pussification by Mistress Cassie. Now i am being introduced into the world of cuckoldry by Mistress. Since my phone session with Mistress last Wednesday (July 27), i have thought about little else. First i have been in chastity since Saturday, July 30. With Mistress' post on Thursday evening and after an IM session i will remain in chastity until this first cuckold assignment is completed. i could have masturbated during the week, making things a little easier, but it's too late now.

Now, on Friday evening, i am in the cage, the chastity cuckold cock cage. Since it has been nearly a week since my last cummie, it was very difficult to cage at all.

i had to trick myself into the cage, and i put it on on very quickly once i was 'soft'. As soon as the lock clicked shut, i was real hard, straining against the unforgiving plastic prison. i'm wearing my Friday green panties, my favorite new green bra filled with my breast forms, black thigh highs, green glitter heels and my green full slip. The same outfit i wore when Mistress sessioned me last week. As soon as i finish this post, i'll started working on that dildo.

i have 200 minutes worth of dildo cock sucking to complete by Sunday afternoon. i plan on 30 minutes of dildo sucking tonight - then i'll only have 170 to go! That 30 minutes of sucking on a dildo will be with one thought. Mistress has me dressed, in a cage, sucking away while i know She has a new lover, tending to all of Her sexual needs.  i can only hope that Mistress will be telling me details of Her love life that only Her sissy cuckolds get to hear about. Then the 200 minutes will be well worth it.

For those who think that on line cuckolding can't be real, just look at my blog. i have been feminized for real. Mistress has made sure of that. Judging by my struggle just to get into the cage, first time as Her cuckold, it feels real to me. i know there is much more to come, and Mistress could easily compel me to hop a plane & fluff Her and Her lover at a moments notice. But that's highly unlikely. What is likely, and obvious to me already is that i'll be getting the real cuckold treatment from Mistress, one way or the other.

Tomorrow is red panty day, and Mistress has mentioned a red corset. i have plenty of red things, including a red waist cincher. That will have to be close enough to a corset, but red it is tomorrow. And there will be a lot more dildo sucking going on. Tomorrow there will be proper sissy pics as well. Right now i need some alone time to cope with this new development. Alone with my dido and my cage and sissy cuckold thoughts that is......

For those not familiar with some of my past 'proof of caging' posts' ,here i am with today's newspaper and a numbered plastic lock. Plastic might not seem as secure as a metal lock, but the number is unique , and it can on;y be removed by cutting it. This is a secure lock in the sense that i'll be featuring at least one picture with a current newspaper and the same numbered lock until this cuckold assignment is done. i'm already leaking - badly. Oh, my!

Please, please leave comments on Mistress Cassie's Thursday post! i need comments, please..........

sissy maid diane


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