Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday is white panty day for sissies

i still need one more comment on Mistress Cassie's Thursday's post - PLEASE! Weave, where are you?

If i get one more comment i can cum later today on my dildo and eat it all up. Then of my first 'taste' of cuckold training from Mistress Cassie. i promise pictures with one more comment. Otherwise, i'll end up with a session with Mistress, a private session - one that will happen soon anyway.

Wanna see pics of diane licking a big cummie mess of a dildo she's sucked for 200 minutes this weekend - after 8 days of chastity? Well, comment - on Thursday's post.  :o) Actually, it's been 195 minute to date. i'm saving 5 minutes for the big occasion of that 5th comment.

So, today is Sunday and Mistress Cassie's sissies have a panty schedule. Sunday is white. This schedule is new this week, for specific colors. i'm 100% panty trained already, but now the colors have been chosen for me by Mistress.

As fate would have it i own a white pair of Sunday day of the week panties. Wednesday's yellow & Friday's green also match Mistress Cassie's panty schedule. So, it's just poetic justice, i think that today's significance in my new training coincides with a white DOTW panty day. Fun!

Also, i'm showing my 'c' cup tits for the first time all dressed up. Yesterday's red post was while wearing my slutty 'h' cups. i feel a lot more femme in 'c' cups.

More to cum..........

sissy maid diane