Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 2 of sissy cuckold training - please help!

i had a long IM session with Mistress Cassie early this morning, and ultimately knocked off over an hour of the 200 minutes of dildo sucking of the 200 minutes i'll have to complete by tomorrow afternoon.

It was comforting in a way, this exchange with Mistress, just knowing that She's there. But She also reminded me that being a cuckold is a very difficult thing. i'm already beginning to understand how difficult.

In the past i have caged for up to 5 days at a time. that was tough, but i masturbated before caging. Now in day 2 of chastity cuckold caging, the going is very rough. i started after one week of chastity and the cage is a constant reminder of this new training that i am undergoing.

i will be dressing this afternoon, in full bloom. i will be sucking away on that big dildo (even though my jaws are sore from that sucking marathon last night). And i will the state i'm int w/ pictures.

All i ask is a little help from my friends. Please, please leave a comment bon Her Thursday post:

i have heard from two gurl friends, thank you tammy & tiffani! i need three more by tomorrow afternoon. Then i'l l be allowed to cum (it will be a big messy cummie for sure) on my dildo. Then i can clean it up for Mistress.In any event i will have my cuckold session with Mistress soon enough, but i need help to get out of this cage.

Please help me!

Thank you.  :o)

sissy maid diane

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