Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Part 1 - the cummie heels

All freshly shaved, painted , poofed and dressed i am posting my effort at completing challenge#1 from Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt.

The Mistress Cassie challenge:

Challenge 1: Cummy High Heels - Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to sissy marti for this idea......

marti and I love sissies in high heels. (I am sure all of you do as well). This challenge is to dress up in your sexiest heels and stockings, and, eventually lick your cum off of those sexy high heels.

Full points will be awarded to sissies who provide a picture of themselves licking their cum off of the high heels. Bonus points for sexy lingerie, make up, wigs, props, etc.

Half points for pics of cummy high heels without the sissy in the shot.

Okay sissy girls, lets play. 

The result: i had an IM session with mistress yesterday and was wondering about wearing heels, then cumming on them, and pictures. A lot to do all at once. she decided that wearing a favorite pair of heels a and cum,ming on another wold do quite nicely

Today is Sunday, white panties day. So, dressed mostly in white, with some pink trim on my petticoat & smoke stockings. i came onto my 6" black pumps. i was wearing my fav 5" open toe pink heels.

Challenge two is panties that a5e embroidered with Propoerty of Mistress Cassie. i ordered mine last night. But for today it was all about the heels, the cummie heels.

i have so many pictures and i had so much fun!

sissy maid diane.


  1. Is there no way to subscribe to your blog?

  2. Hello Vanessa Chaland,

    i have enabled the subscription feature to my blog, at the top left of the home page.

    Thank You so much for writing! (Btw, very nice furniture) :o)

    sissy maid diane

  3. very good sissy, diane, you earned full points for this challenge.

  4. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Thank You so much! As You know, i long to please You. i am so happy to have earned full points & i'm hard at work on the newest challenges.

    i do not want to dissapoint my Mistress!

    Forever Yours,