Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Thursday, a special day for pink sissies

Here's an excerpt from a post on Mistress Cassie's blog, dated July 28, 2011:

Thursday (today) is my favourite PINK panties day. Are you in pink?

Yes, it's Thursday and pink is my favorite sissy color, it always has been. i have a ton of pink panties to choose from, along with accompanying lingerie items. Sublimely submissive sissy items, like girdles, half slips, full slips, cami's, pettipants, petticoats, stockings, garter belts, waist cinchers, (all plural). That's not to mention high heels, soap, shaving cream, body lotion, feather duster, candles, hat, dresses, skirts, blouses, hair ribbons, jewelry, jewelry box, flowers, deodorant, nail polish, purse, make up, trash can, towels, sheets, curtains, teddy bear, perfume dispenser, cock cage purse, writing utensils, etc. etc. i can assure you that i can't say i have such a collection of things in any other color.

Why is pink associated with being a sissy? Here's an interesting on line article from the Smithsonian on the subject of the color pink. It's appropriately titled:

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? 

For sissies this should be required reading, i think.

The history is fascinating. For me, i simply feel like a gurl when i wear pink. Well, i always feel like a gurl now that i've been properly pussified by Mistress. But, i feel even more gurlish in pink. Every day should be pink day! But i like the variety of colors, the wonder of never tiring of wearing panties, buying new panties, being panty trained, being pantied!

i don't care about boy under pants anymore. Mistress has seen to that! i don't care about Doctor's appointment either. i'm not required to wear frilly pink to a Doctor's appointment, but i wear panties. And pink is the bomb!

Yes, Thursday's are special for me now, like Wednesday's, but for a different (panty related) reason. Tomorrow i'll be in my scheduled green panties, and i will love it. I will love it because Mistress has made Friday green panty day. But for today, all is pink, and all is well.........

sissy maid diane


  1. Hello Mistress,

    And oh, how i love being Your pink sissy gurl. Your pink, pussified sissy gurl. :o)


  2. What a pretty sissy girl!! :) You look great! :)
    Enjoy it all, diane!

  3. Hi Weave,

    Thank you! i do love pink so....