Monday, January 13, 2014

Another marriage - Mistress Cassie's prom dress and the wedding crinoline

One of the enduring articles of clothing during my wedding shoots will undoubtedly be the wedding crinoline. Few things in my sissy wardrobe make me feel more feminine. The feeling in fact reminded me of how it was when Mistress Cassie sent me Her high school prom dress some years ago. i was overwhelmed at the gesture, and overwhelmed by how close i felt to Her when i first tried it on. It was then that i truly became Her girl.

Along with that excitement, there was just a total feeling of femininity when i wore it. Mistress liked the pictures a lot, but i remember one remark from Her like it was yesterday. She noted that when She wore it it was fuller, filled out by a petticoat. It wasn't a criticism, just an observation.

Well, i want to go back & put that dress on again. i want to feel that special gown over my new crinoline. i want to feel it, the fullness of my blossoming Female self , ensconced in all of that frilly, girly clothing.

Yes, i intend to marry Mistress Cassie's prom dress to the crinoline. I'm getting that overwhelmed feeling just thinking about it..................

Coming to a sissy blog near you - soon.

sissy maid diane

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