Saturday, January 4, 2014

Honorary bride's maids & Groomsmen welcome - please comment or IM/ E-mail

Want to be an honorary member of my wedding party tonight?

i already have an honorary bride's maid of honor for tonight - Bianca. Also I have a bride's maid, Sara. And, one honorary groomsman - Ken. They will be acknowledged after the wedding with a special post. You can be too....

Just leave a message today via IM, E-mail or comment on one of today's wedding posts before 9:00 p.m. EST that you'd like to be included. my E-mail/IM is

Again, i'll be on line until 9:00 p.m. EST, then i finish preparing for my wedding. Please join in the celebration!


sissy maid diane



  1. Ooh.. missed out.. had to work,.... sorry...

    1. No worries. I wish I had thought of it earlier. :o)

  2. Ah, but that was likely my last (OK, also first) chance to be a bridesmaid... ;)

    1. i think you may get another chance. For one thing, i didn't take nearly enough pictures, and will probably do another 'reaffirmation of vows' shoot as some point.
      It was a crazy day & i'll be posting about the details. It was all so much, i needed bride's maids here! :o)