Friday, January 3, 2014

In need of nylon training

It's dawned on me today that i have had panty, bra & girdle training from Mistress Cassie. i wear panties every day, all day except when bathing. Mistress has imposed minimums for bra wearing and i exceed those minimums easily every week. my girdling is controlled by color.

But as i prepare to shave tomorrow in preparation for my wedding, it dawns on me that i have had little formal nylon training. i wear them fairly regularly, of course. whether it's pantyhose,

Nylons and garters,

Or thigh highs,

Nylons are an important part of any Woman's wardrobe. The silky feel on soft, shaved legs is delicious in deed!

So now i long for the kind of formal training from Mistress once again. She has demonstrated a big talent for sissy training and has led me straight to the alter as a result.

After marriage, perhaps it's time to address this with Mistress. i will after all, be taken to a new level of femming after i take my vows, and wearing nylons more often nylons seems like a good start.

sissy maid diane

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