Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preparing for the latest assignment - the 50's housewife

i am a product of the 50's - a baby boomer.Ah, those were the days! Not necessarily for the housewife though. She was required to wear many hats, much like today's 'House' Woman, with a very big difference. Today's stay at home Wife is much, much more liberated. Rather than being a virtual servant to the husband and kids, today the Woman is at least an equal partner in the relationship - or should be!

Ah, but this post & the upcoming assignment will be a tribute to the 50's Housewife. my recollections will be on display, and i am preparing myself for the inevitable surprises that will accompany my being a Woman for 24 hours. It seems a logical choice given my recent sissy 'marriage' to Mistress Cassie.

Among other things there will be housework and cooking. Also, i'll change my TV viewing habits and many other habits that day. It will all be documented, including pictures.

One of the things i find fascinating - and exciting - is the clothing worn by Women of that era. There are many images of Women wearing heels & a dress in the 50's while doing housework. Oh, my - it's a good thing that i have plenty of gurly undergarments that are era appropriate!

Much more to come on this.........

sissy maid diane


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