Sunday, January 12, 2014

The sissy wedding dress

Finally, a week plus later, here are pictures of me in my wedding dress, with all the trimmings. This time, the wedding ring is already on, the vows have been exchanged. The honeymoon is over, and the 'marriage' is well under way. i am a sissy bride, wed to Mistress Cassie and Her feminizing ways.

i have learned a lot about femininity this last week, the dress is a lot of work. But it was a lobor of love. i also learned what it feels like to truly be the "Property of Mistress Cassie".

Long ago trapped by Her, it is now official. i belong to Her, and She can proceed, unhindered, to feminize me even more. i am Her obedient slave.

This is easily the most feminine that i have ever felt. i was relaxed, at ease with myself and my role as Mistress Cassie's submissive sissy wife. i can't imagine feeling any more girly, but as Mistress has repeatedly shown, there is more to come. Many more pics to come as well.  It's time out for a battery recharge.    :o)

i am ready, willing and able to submit further..............

sissy maid diane



  1. I am so happy for you sissy, may all of us gurls be so lucky!

  2. Diane, it is marvelous that you have experienced being a sissy bride. I know how wonderful, feminine and girly it makes you feel. By the way you look beautiful as a bride!!!