Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding day challenges and understanding the Bride's needs

Saturday was by all accounts a life changing event for me, as a wedding should be. Just as Mistress Cassie has taught me so much about being Female these past years, i have come to learn even more on Saturday.

The day was a full one. It started with a trip to a local wedding boutique after I realized that I didn't have gloves. Fortunately, they had gloves that were elbow length with open fingers. Exactly what I wanted! While I was there, a Bride to be was picking out Her dress with 3 attendants present. It was my first inkling of the importance of the Maid's to the Bride in a formal wedding.

There is so much to do! i have a much better understanding, first hand, of the challenges that a Bride faces leading up to & on Her wedding day. The experience has left me even more Female than ever.....

The next stop was for flowers. So many details. At the end of it all, my only regret is that I didn't take more pictures in the actual gown. There was so much preparation that I felt rushed to make my own wedding. Little things, like getting the dress over the crinoline and zipping the dress were difficult without help.

While i loved my bridal party being there in spirit, i really needed help getting ready. Once i was ready the gown was too big for my bedroom. i was initially going to take pictures in a couple of different rooms around the house and on the steps leading upstairs. Getting through from the living room to the bedroom included navigating the wood stove. i was actually concerned about setting the dress on fire in my travels. It was actually kind of funny in retrospect, but stressful at the time.

The whole event was very exhilarating and feminine. i definitely have a better understanding of what Bride's actually experience before and after a wedding. More proof that i am more Female than male now. And the transformation continues.

sissy maid diane

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