Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wedding day countdown - 3 days

This wedding to Mistress Cassie is a MUCH bigger deal to me than it is to Her. She has made this clear: nothing will change for Her. She already knows that i am Her trained sissy slave. She knows that i love Her deeply. She also knows me inside & out. Hopefully, Mistress will appreciate that while I am Her certified slave already, this 'wedding' will signify 100% devotion to Her & 100 % capitulation to Her control over me.

Mistress has many sissies in Her stable, i am just one of the many. However, i believe that as of Saturday evening i will be the only of Her sissies that will have taken marital vows. i do this with the knowledge that, as She said - "Mistress Cassie will not ever grant a divorce in this union"

i have been married and divorced 3 times. This is different on many levels. Most importantly, I have never wed a Dominant Female before, and i have always had divorce a an 'out'. Not this time.

i have 3 days to reconsider this commitment to Mistress. Judging by today's events with the dress up assignment, it's more likely than ever that i will take the vows. It's my destiny.....

sissy maid diane

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