Saturday, January 4, 2014

White wedding dress = virgin

Traditionally, a bride wears white to signify virginal purity to Her husband d to be and onlookers.
Of course, after the wedding, it's party time.

In my case I'm wearing white tonight - because my sissy pussy is still virgin to entry by a man. Mistress Cassie may change all of that after the wedding, but for now.....

Now, I have sucked one cock,

and, I have been lucky enough to submit to the strap on twice, in a previous relationship.

But tonight my white dress signifies that I offer my virgin sissy pussy to Mistress Cassie. She can do what She pleases from there....

sissy maid diane


  1. It IS a new year, diane, so white is appropriate, hon! (Plus, I love wedding dresses, too!). Hugs for the new year, sweetness!

    1. New Year hugs and kisses to you, sara! You are one of my honorary bride's maids. :o)