Saturday, January 4, 2014

The progressive nature of feminization

Before I start getting ready for this evening's wedding event, i've been doing some reflecting on the course of my feminization by Mistress Cassie. i started following Her blog about 10 years ago as a closeted transvestite. i was a 'looky loo', amazed at some of Her assignments & the responses from Her sissies.

i remember one assignment in particular She called 'show some lace'. The very idea that She could get a sissy to show a peek of lace in public was unbelievably exciting to me. Since then I've been in public several times in full diane dress. And there's been so much more.....

Yes, it was just about 6 years ago that i got off the sidelines and IM'd Mistress. Shortly after, a phone session with Her changed my life.

It was far from immediate, but Mistress Cassie has transformed me into more girl than boy these past
years. It has been progressive in nature. And today i have progressed to the point of absolutely no return. my feminization has progressed to the point of matrimony.

This evening i will take my vows od servitude & devotion to Mistress Cassie. To her lifestyle, under Her control, as Her slave.

Now, that's progress......

sissy maid diane

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