Friday, January 3, 2014

What's left of the male prepares to succumb

sissy maid diane long ago surrendered completely to Mistress Cassie. diane loves Mistress and heartily embraces all that is Female - period!

What little of the male that's left in me still has a flicking glimmer of hope that this feminization wave can be overcome. That flicker is fading fast. While i prepare for my wedding to Mistress tomorrow, my male genitalia has betrayed me tellingly. i might as well have a clitoris. my penis was so hard while trying on wedding lingerie that two things are obvious.

1) I will be going through with the wedding, fully committed to all it represents.

2) The male in me will finally, permanently, be defeated and Mistress will truly rule as Queen of my world.

Hard admissions to make, but true nonetheless. Long live the Queen!

sissy maid diane

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