Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accepting pussification and the penis gag

i haven't shaved in a while. Bad sissy. Mistress Cassie called me lazy, and gave me until Monday to correct the problem. After a couple of days of reflection, the reality is that laziness is exactly what it comes down to. There is no other excuse or reason.

Deep in my subconscious i may have still have been clinging to some hope of escaping Her and feminization. But i've been down that road before and it always leads to the same place. To Mistress Cassie.

i need to shave like a gurl, period. It's an important part of my feminine grooming. We all get lazy from time to time, but i got a little too lazy. Now shaving will be more difficult and i'll maintain my smooth skin much more diligently moving forward.

Meanwhile, now comes the penis gag. It only seems fitting to me that i pay the price for not shaving by doing before and after shoots. This is the penis gaga assignment, which i have completed while too furry. The penis gag assignment was handed out by Mistress on Friday, when She first discovered that i had one. Another little sissy oversight and now that i have been taken to the sissy confessional by Mistress, i'll be more sharing with new purchases. Especially ones like this, which i bought after a simple remark She made after my first full taste of cuckolding some time back.

The assignment: Strap on the penis gag and suck away for 25 minutes, still caged. Then, remove the cage & gag and masturbate. Masturbate onto the gag and reinsert for another 25 minutes. Since i have to post pictures for Mistress, it would have been easier to shave before the assignment. But easier is another form of laziness. Yes, i'll have to dress up twice and apply make up twice, but that's a small price to pay for letting my sissy grooming go. So, i'll be dressing up again for another post as the smooth freshly shaved sissy i should be. A small price to pay.

So, the gag. Never on my radar until after the cuckold training weekend that Mistress laid on me months ago. That weekend i was caged and did 200 minutes sucking on the dildo, and then i got a phone session. i complained that my jaw was sore from so much sucking. Mistress Cassie's quick retort - "It could have been worse. It could have been a penis gag".

That's all it takes these days. A well placed remark from Her. i didn't order one that day, but now it was on my mind & i started looking. i liked what i saw, especially with the strap feature to hold it in place and a bulb to inflate it when in place. It was another 'moth attracted to the flame' scenario.

So, it took a little while, but of course i ordered one. The first time i used it (the day it came some weeks ago) i put it on and masturbated, pretty much gagging as i came. It was something new, and something that i've done every time since when i masturbate. But we're only talking about a few minutes at a time.

Today i had it on for 25 minutes. It's not like a dildo at all. Once the strap is fastened it in place in my mouth. FIXED in my mouth. No in and out like a dildo, and relief. It is almost suffocating, and while not as thick a s the dildo the penis portion is more difficult to deal with. Even uninflated it tends to make me gag after a moment or two. Pumped up, for get it. After i had it on for about 5 minutes and was trying to get accustomed to it, i gave it a couple of pumps. Wow, i just about threw up and immediately let the air out. It made my eyes water.

But once i got used to it, a big wet spot came along on my panties.

So, those 25 minutes were just gaged & sucking and it was a long 25 minutes, i assure you. Once i was done & out of my cage it didn't take long to cum, and it was all over the gag, as instructed. then, back on. The familiar taste of cum being administered in a new way. i took the 25 minute to suck and lick (as best i could) the cum from that persistent gag. That 25 minutes didn't seem to take as long. i was distracted by figuring out how to get my tongue into place that the strap was making difficult. Another familiar taste entered the mix - the taste of my lipstick. The strap was keeping the gag in place, and like a baby with a pacifier, i sucked away, getting all of the cum.

Altogether i took 109 picture. It's difficult to shoot pictures & cum at the same time.  :o)

Now, after the assignment it is time to bathe, shave and prepare for another shoot. i won't be allowed access to the cage for 24 hours. Tht will give me time to reflect on this week's happenings. Reflect on the sissy confessional, the gag, the cage, and the fact the i shave like a gurl. A lazy gurl sometimes.

i'll be back, properly groomed with my new lessons learned carved into my brain along with Mistress Cassie's name.

sissy maid diane


  1. Well, so much for my long play-session today! I came to your page first, and loved it. Now, I've already cum and licked it, and NOW what to do, LOL?!

    Thanks for the description of the gag in use. Oh my. What a session you had!! Loved reading the hometown paper, lol... and when you had that hand on your breast, it sure looked like something I'd do! :)

  2. Hi sara,

    i'm sure you'll find something to do. A sissy's work is never done. :o)

    Yes, it was quite a gag session all right, hometown paper & all. i live fondling my silicone filled bras...


  3. diane-
    Ooh, you are right! I wish I had more "alone" time here, or my Wife would finally fuck me with the strap-on I bought for her! Being submissive means I have to wait... boo hoo! :D

    Mmm... such fondling! :)

    Hugs, Sara