Sunday, November 13, 2011

The humiliated sissy

Yes, after yesterday's penis gag post, i ma a humiliated sissy. Before, when i was humiliated, the gag, the cumming, the cage - that's what would have been the humiliating factors.

That was before. That was when i was being trained to be is sissy by Mistress Cassie.This is now, and i am Mistress Cassie's trained sissy.

As i'm beginning to understand now, there is a BIG difference. There is much more to come from Mistress, and i guess it could be viewed as training. More cuckold training for example. But it will all be done on the foundation of my sissification that She has built. Because i am now a trained sissy, Mistress can easily guide me down any path She chooses. Graduate training maybe.

So, importantly, today i am a different kind of humiliated sissy. Why? Because i have been negligent in my feminine hygiene & grooming. It was humiliating showing pictures yesterday of too much hair in the wrong places. It has nothing to do with the gag or the cage or having to document it on my blog. It's not the pictures of me fenminized or shaved that humiliate me now. It's pictures like those with hair. It's also embarrassing, and might give reader's a sense that Mistress isn't in control.

Oh, but Mistress Cassie is very much in control. Now more than ever, as evidenced by my acceptance that i am indeed trained and pussified..While i may have been lazy about my grooming these past several weeks,  She accurately pointed out that it was just that, laziness. She knows what i now know. Shaving is a part of who i am, part of the sissy that She has transformed Her way.

Today i will correct that problem and moving forward will adjust my grooming habits and regularly maintain my smooth sissy gurl skin. Instead of occasional shaving i need to shave like Women do, maybe more often since i have more hair than most Women.

The newspaper i used yesterday was to confirm the before and after to satisfy Mistress. The after will be later today with todays paper in the mix.

As my feminization journey continues i will now adjust my day to day habits to a more feminine regimen. It only makes sense and besides - who wants to be humiliated. :o)

sissy maid diane

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