Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wednesday's are special

Here it is Sunday afternoon and i'm already day dreaming about Wednesday. Wednesday is the day of the week that i got my first taste of cuckolding from Mistress Cassie. i was put in the cage by Mistress and in yellow panties by Her lover Blaze.

Wednesdays' yellow panties were the inspiration for Mistress starting Her sissy panty schedule started with Wednesday's yellow for all of Her sissies. Yes, it's a special day and it represents a cage and cuckold day for me. i think i need to show some of my newfound balance here. i'm thinking too much about Wednesday's.

So, i'm going to recognize that day as special every week. Every Wednesday, along with my yellow panties. i'll wear the cage. It will be the one day every week when these three things will come together in a weeklt reminder that i am a trained sissy.

Number1 - i am panty trained. Not only to wear panties 24/7, but which color to wear each day.

Number 2 - That i am caged trained. Not only to cage after each time i masturbate, but cage trained from the beginning by Mistress as She took control. An important symbol of Her control.

Number 3 - That i am Her cuckold.sissy. A training still in progress, started on a Wednesday.

i just love love Tatiana's pretty yellow panties. And this series of pics tells it all.

Here, Her pretty panties on display as She spreads Her legs.. The lovely lace, the lovelier gusset, covering Her Sweet spot. And Her lover, getting ready to enjoy Her breast.

Here, the lover's encroaching hand as he kisses Her.

Here, Her lover covers that lovely gusset. He is denying that lovely view. It has an undeniable element of cuckolding. Denial to the sissy, while he enjoys Her.

Now he's in. i can still see Her panties, but his hand is now inside of them - and i am in my cage, again.

Oh, my!

Yes, Mistress doesn't have any problem with me obsessing about Tatiana and Her panties. Mistress likes the picture game, which i often lose. Sometimes i win, but when Mistress makes me play Her games, i always lose. Mistress always wins. Period.

sissy maid diane


  1. maid diane- love those pics! I'd have my male hand right on those panties too!

    As a gurl, one of the things striking me is that we know we'd never get the chance with a hot lady such as that. Sigh :)


  2. Hi sara,

    Yes, Tatiana is compelling in Her yellow panties. And no, we'd stand no chance with Her. Although we can dream, can't we?