Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aching for the penis gag

my neglected make up table will see some action tonight.

Wednesday was when i locked on the cock cage with Tatiana as the catalyst. Even thought it's Saturday - red panty day - i'm going to wear yellow for the penis gag assignment this evening.

Right now i have other commitments, but my clitty is literally aching to get out of the cage. So while a had a few minutes here's what i'm thinking of that's given me a wet spot on my red panties. The cage is leaking and i'm aching for the penis gag and release.

Just a few more hours protruding cage tells the story of my current state.

sissy maid diane 


  1. Girlie- I love that inflatable gag... omg! :)
    It looks like one Mistress, one picture, and one lock really have you in a "state"! Oh my, I know what this tenting can be like!

    (is there an email address you use, btw?)

  2. Hi sara,

    yes, i was in a state, for sure. Tenting in a cage is something else.

    Here you go:


  3. diane-
    "Tenting in a cage is something else." Oh MY!! :)
    Thanks, dear!

    Hugs, Sara