Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The cage gauge strikes again

Well, last night i found myself caged again. It was white panty day, and i was wearing a very, very sheer pair of Vanity Fair panties, with lovely lace trim.

Masturbation ensued and so did the picture game. 'Sentenced' to a minimum 4 hours caged, that number grew to 12 while playing the game. Along the way, a normal consequence was coming across a pic or two of Mistress. She is simply everywhere in my sissy pic folder. (She's everywhere period).

So, already caged and trying to limit my lock up time i came across the 2nd picture here, the 'continued harvesting' caption. Well. the cage gauge went off. i still remember Mistress coining that phrase last year. She trained me and She is harvesting me.

Yes, it's awful - She uses me to promote Her business. But the cage gauge never, ever lies. And neither do i. So here it is, the latest of pics that set the gauge off. Just a couple of hours after masturbating, being 'harvested' filled the cage and my pretty Vanity Fair panties were soiled by my leaking clitty.


sissy maid diane


  1. She is "harvesting" you all right... and that is totally hot! It is how it should be...
    Picturing the lovely Van Fair panties... so thin and nylony... then... so wet! :)

  2. Hi sara,

    Yes, it's pretty much an ongoing 'harvest'. Glad you liked it.

    The VF panties didn't show up today, but tomorrow is another day.


  3. diane- I hope your VFs certainly made it by now, hon!
    Hmmm, Saturday..red panties. Good color for a Saturday, hawt!
    Oops, I have leopard prints on though...


  4. Hi sara,

    The VF panties and bra are here. i have worn the bra, it is absolutely delicious. Silky smooth and a perfect fit.

    But i don't have a bra schedule, so i've been allowed to enjoy it without breaking any rules.

    i am more than ready to put on those matching panties, and will HAVE to post because it's not an authorized color.

    It won't be long. Later today or tomorrow latest.

    Leopard prints - nice! :o)