Monday, November 7, 2011

Follow up cuckold caption

Oh, i like this couple. i had a late Friday evening phone session with Mistress Cassie, and the hot topic was cuckolding. That's the message She sent on Friday. i guess that's the mood She was in. Well. i've been in that mood myself. i know She didn't see the caption series from earlier that evening featuring this couple. But it did already have me in that frame of mind.

So, one of the caps from Friday had a picture of this Beauty that's very similar to one that i used. This one is a little different. Her lover's hand is still down There. But there's a little more panty showing. And a little crease in the gusset of Her panties visible. A subtle inviting crease made by Her Pussy.

Yes, Friday night  i was caged by Mistress, and got another taste of being Her cuckold , Her sissy, Her whatever She wants me to be. At one point She said, "I carve My initials on my sissy's brain". my immediate response - 'You've carved Your entire name into my mind, Mistress Cassie'.

How true.

So, here's a follow cap from Friday, because i really like looking at these yellow panties. So, so pretty. Yellow is Wednesday's panty color for me, and it goes back to Mistress Cassie's former boyfriend and the roots of Her starting my cuckold training. She has a new boyfriend now, and of course, can have as many as She wishes. That's entirely out of my control.

At the end of the day, it's just another way that She controls me, Her sissy.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane, one thing I like about you... you point out things like the crease in the gusset... if I were ever to miss it, lol! :) Sara

  2. Hi sara,

    yes, i like to look closely and often at such pretty details.

    i didn't think you'd miss it.