Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Speaking of sissy captions

Here's one, a caption, an oldie but goodie, that i came across tonight. It's got more meaning than when i first saw it. Now Mistress has a key to my 'best lock', the best lock to my cock cage. She's even posted about it, reposting my blog entry:

Hopefully She'll never use it, It's like a nuclear weapon, a weapon that is at the same time offensive and defensive. She could detonate the weapon and that would mean long term caging for me. It takes a while to get a package from Canada. And, of course, She doesn't have to rush to send the key if i ever used that lock. It could get ugly quick. So, it makes me defensive. i respect that power, Her power.

It's one of those things that She has in Her back pocket. Something for a rainy day or when She's bored. But for the record, She says i don't have to worry about it if i do as i'm told. 'listen and obey".

But i do worry about it, and the implications. This captions speaks volumes about this subject. me,  i think i'll stick with obedience, thank you. i really don't want to get nuked. i hope She doesn't use it, ever. :o)

sissy maid diane


  1. Hi Jennyuwhen,

    i'm so glad you liked it!


  2. Gawd...yess! This is very good, hon!

  3. Hi sara,

    i'm glad you enjoyed it!