Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bra conditioning - what's next?

Being a feminized and trained sissy is kinda complicated. A lifetime crossdresser, Mistress made quick work of panty training me. After a few months of wearing panties all day every day, it was more than training - i was conditioned to wear panties. Now, even when i take a shower i'm thinking about the fresh pair i'm about to put on. i don't own boy underpants, and don't want to. Mistress has scheduled what color i wear every day. i'm panty conditioned.

i'm also conditioned to pee sitting down, to wearing nail polish, shaving and wearing a slip or nightie to bed every night. i'm also trained and conditioned to cage after each time i masturbate. More about that in a sec.

Right now, wearing a bra and silicone breast forms is starting to look like conditioning. i was busted a couple of years ago at work with a visible bra under a dress shirt & tee. i blew it off as the tee and quickly ducked into a bathroom and removed the bra. my coworker did not pursue the issue. i simply don't have the kind of job where i can risk wearing a bra for that & other reasons.

But when i get home, it's different. i love bras almost as much as panties. But without forms, padded is the way to go. my first set of forms were (are) huge - an 'h' cup.

The manufacturer recommends that they not be slept in. So, i like the weight, bounce and feel of those forms, but the size is just a little over the top. They are for special occasions.

last year, when i bought a pair of 'c' cup forms things started to change. i chose that cup size because it's Mistress' size. And it's a more natural balance for my body type. i have worn those forms and a bra more frequently and can sleep in them. In fact, some time ago i started sleeping with a bra & forms every night. Now, most nights when i get home they go on, and there are on more on weekends. i would say that i average at least 12 hours every day bra'd with the forms. That's a lot, i think. i think i'm at least in the process of becoming bra conditioned.

Interestingly, Mistress has never said 'I'm going to panty condtition you, sissy". It's really not how She does things. She's much more subtle and persistent in the way She trains sissies. But somehow with Her in control, conditioning just seems to happen.

So, what's next. Well let's get back to the cock cage. There's no doubt that i've been trained & conditioned to lock the cage on after every time i cum. The cage has been a tool that Mistress used from day one to feminize me. The lingerie, the dildo and the cage. These are the three constants when i session with Mistress. i'm always dressed, i always suck on the dildo and i always end up caged at the end of the session. From day one.

i have given up long ago trying to figure Her out. The most She's ever caged me for was 48 hours. Usually, it's much less than that. After Friday evening's session i got 12 hours. i have caged for longer periods, but i pretty much did that to myself. Sometimes, i get into a frenzy and sometimes the cage is involved. Mistress has shown no sign of escalating my hours caged. She has the only key to one of my locks, but as long as i obey She says She won't have me use THAT lock.

i can't say that She's cage training me any further than attaching it to masturbation. In fact, earlier this year She gave me permission to throw it away. For whatever reason, i didn't. In retrospect, hat my have been the turning point. That's when She knew i needed to keep the cage around. It's an awful contraption that cage, and i should have jumped on the opportunity to get rid of it, but i couldn't. In part because i was already masturbation conditioned. Conditioned to cage for Her.

So, putting those frenzied periods aside, the cage ends up on me fairly frequently these days. It's often the price i pay when i lose playing the picture game. Sometimes it ends up on even when i haven't masturbated. i am drawn to it, that dreadful cage.i often murmur 'noooooo' when it goes on. A very big part of me doesn't like it. But that big part is getting smaller. Yes, it's starting to look like conditioning.

Sometimes i regret not throwing that cage away when i had the chance. More often i long  to hear Her say "diane it's time to make caging a part of your daily femming regimen. Just an hour or so, but EVERY day."

But that isn't the way Mistress goes about things. Like i said, with Her, conditioning just seems to happen. And at this point, there's nothing i can do about it.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- reading your post, I now see I too am conditioned to wear panties every day, and now to pee sitting down. Quite the change, huh?

    Oh my, would love to hear more how you got busted at work! Whew! Same deal here, just wouldn't work at the office! :)

    Your initial forms were HUGE!! I've just done water balloons (and rice, and panties, and nerf balls, and...) but the water balloons were best anyway. I typically buy bras size B for my body... but love you getting the Cs, hon!

  2. Hi sara,

    Good for you. Yes, it is quite the change, a good one for sissy gurls like us.

    i don't want to expand too much on work issues, it was too scary for me. A gurls gotta make a pay check. :o)

    i was in a frenzy when i got that first pair of forms. i really like the 'c' cups. i wear them a LOT more.