Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sissy poll results

Here's another pic from my old blog, from the same 'Thanksgiving day post' last week. i keep stumbling onto this set of pics in my sissy pic folder while i'm playing my silly sissy games. Somehow, these images are more disturbing to me than most of the thousands of femming pics from my considerable collection. This is not a new picture - in fact it's probably about 2 years old. i've long since changed my living room arrangement. What's also changed is my frenetic pace of dressing & posting.

Back then, i was in a state of frenzy for sure. Mistress Cassie had unleashed the 'gurl within'. While She was expertly taking Control, i was out of control. Interestingly, now that i've reached a state of acceptance that She has conquered me, i don't seem as frenetic. So, i can look back & see what transpired. i have many much more revealing pics that i've taken along the way, but these blue cocktail dress pics seem to capture my feminization perfectly while i wasn't showing off my lingerie. Just a gurl in make up, hair done, heels on, feeling - well - feminine. kinda curvy, i think. It's probably a good thing that Mistress has actually reigned me in a bit.

Bcak then, in my original blog, i did quite a few polls. This is the first on this new blog & i didn't announce it. i just put it up there. Here are the results:

What do you like most about my blog?

Unlike so much on the net, it's obvious that this is real
  9 (30%)
diane's captions
  2 (6%)
diane's captions with Mistress in the photo
  2 (6%)
Pictures of diane enfemme
  12 (40%)
The variety
  2 (6%)
your blog sucks, but I'm here for some reason and voting. Hmmmm
  1 (3%)
The feminization aspect
  16 (53%)
The cuckold aspect
  6 (20%)
The cock cage
  7 (23%)

Votes so far: 30
Poll closed 

Well, the polls are closed and here are a few of my observations. First, i got only 30 votes in two weeks. i truly thank all those who voted, but way back last year these would be paltry numbers. Sorta like my followers, which numbered over 250 early this year on my old blog. While many have 'refound' me (i average about 500 views a day) not many have taken the time to actually publicly follow.

i think this is a sign of rapidly changing perceptions about what's safe on the Internet. i still don't know why my original blog was disabled - a mystery only solvable by the Masters of the Internet - Google. Free blog, free world, somebody else's rules. Whatever.....

What i found really interesting about these poll results:

1) your blog sucks, but I'm here for some reason and voting. Hmmmm - 1 vote.

i love that! Either somebody appreciates my sense of humor - or, they are totally clueless. 
Funny either way (i think).

2) i was expecting the 'variety' choice to get more response. The percentages don't add up because i allowed multiple choices, so only two votes is really surprising to me. i thought i offered quite a bit of variety.  :o(

3) 'This is real' got 3rd place - 30% 
. i can't read too much into this, because this is my 2nd blog. A lot of the real progression was lost. 

 4) The seeming lack of interest in my caps. i look at traffic sources and a lot of it is generated by caption interest. Not polling interest i guess.

Ultimately, the number one choice is correct. It's all about the feminization - which is real, as expressed in my posts featuring myself, captions and all of the other variety. :o)

Thank you all for following - and voting!

sissy maid diane


  1. Ha, I like "silly sissy games"... but more than that, great thought about how you've become more calm (less frenetic) as you've found your inner "girl"..sigh! :)

  2. Hi sara,

    i guess it goes without saying that i do too. :o)

    i may be less frenetic, but i still have my moments.....