Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New sissy blog feature - the 'cage gauge'

i've been in one of 'those' moods this week. i'm spending a little more time caged than usual. Actually. i'm not sure what usual is anymore. i know that sometimes i really don't want to be caged. Sometimes i hate it when i'm caged. Sometimes, well sometimes i can't live without it. Hard to figure. So, i just go with it...

Anyway, i'm just hanging around tonight, sorta caged again. i didn't even masturbate - a dry caging. (Another losing round of the picture game). Anyway, i start looking through some captions at my favorite caption site,

So, i'm looking and looking, the cage is pretty comfortable. It's in the 'comfortable position'. i'm not hard, it's not intrusive. A nice fit, kinda like the picture above.:

So, i see lots of interesting caps and pretty Women and i'm just relaxing - comfortable. Then, for whatever reason, i become uncomfortable. Something like this:

So what happens when i get exited? Well, basically the cage gets real full and there's no way to go but up. So, i have engineered a combination of the CB 6000 hardware & the Curve cage. See the cage this lovely Woman is displaying?

Well, that's the CB 6000. She's holding onto the cage by the ring that goes around the base of my clitty.Well, when i get aroused that ring presses from the bottom of my scrotum and the top of my clit.It's very much like a cock ring - with a locked cage attached! It keeps the blood in place for a while. Not comfortable. Dribbling starts, it's a real mess.

So, i was just relaxing looking at some caps when suddenly the blood starts flowing. The cage involuntarily starts to rise. i guess you could say i got 'capped'. i had about an hour or so to kill before cage release & bedtime & came up with this new blog 'feature'.

i thought maybe i'd call it cage o'meter, but i like 'cage gauge' better. It has a nice ring to it (get it?). Hee - hee.

It's like a lie detector or truth serum. i might not really want to get hard, but the cage doesn't lie. So, from time to time, when i find myself aroused while caged by a cap or some porn or anything else for that matter, i'll post it. It might be something that's embarrassing or something i wouldn't normally post - but that's the point.

Below is the cap that did it tonight.

Now, i recognize this Model, and i'm real confident that She's caged me before. But not with this particular cap as the catalyst. It just happened to get my attention tonight, for whatever reason. And it certainly got the cage's attention. 'Gauging' by the cage, i guess i liked what i saw - a lot.

sissy maid diane

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