Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The pink fuzzy sweater

On September 28th Mistress Cassie posted about sweater girls. It's all part of Her sissy scavenger hubt game for sissies. Here is my entry.

In Her post She said:

The weather cooled off a bit today, reminding me of soft fuzzy pink sweater girls.    How are my sissy girls doing?
10 points for fuzzy sweater girl pictures. 

Well i bought a fuzzy pink sweater and it is chilly outside. Now that i'm all shaved and painted properly, i really enjoyed wearing the sweater, the skirt - and all the other gurly things. And, i want that 10 points!

Oh my - its is soft and very fuzzy!

The nylons on freshly shaved legs are so sweet, so feminine. i'm confident that i've cured my laziness problem after squeezing into my skirt, pulling it over my sheer nylons. mmmmm

Sweaters do have a way of showing a gurls figure off. Yes, it's getting colder out, but wearing more, warmer clothes clothes isn't necessarily a bad thing.

More sissy assignments and picture sto come!

sissy maid diane


  1. Hon- your new sweater is gorgeous!
    And your cross-section looks sooo good... congrats, girl!
    You really show your hot legs off well there...
    Hugs, Sara

  2. Hi sara,

    Thank you! i do like sweaters so. i'm glad you like my legs, i think that's my best femme feature.