Sunday, November 13, 2011

pussified - what it means

i almost came in my panties when Mistress Cassie first informed me that i had been pussified.

It's been a few months, but i remember it well. i had never heard the term, and She had never used it before that night. So, what does it mean for me?

Well, the short story is this: She has trained me, feminized me to be Her sissy. Now, i'm not easily trained or dominated. i actually have tested as having a dominant personality. How did She do it?

With Her Pussy, of course!

i love Pussy! i have been married 3 times and had other LTR's with various Women. None of them pussified me. Why not? Why - because i was a cross dresser, not a sissy. i was in denial about my cross dressing, which was an undeniable part of my nature, of who i am.

The Women in my life all came to find out, to one degree or another, that i dressed. For a number of reasons They didn't grasp what that really meant. Most likely, They couldn't compute my need for lingerie when They thought of me as a man's man. They also were blinded by Society's determination that real men don't wear panties.

So, They missed the boat, missed the mark.

Here's a much shown picture of Wife number 3's skirt. We argued a lot, and after a number of years seperated. She knew i was a CD and hated it. She was controlling, but missed the obvious weapon for controlling me. my obsession with Women's underwear.

The course of my entire life would have been different if this had happened during any of my relationships with Women. If something like this had ever happened:

Woman: "Honey, we had a bad argument last night. Why don't we calmly sit down this evening and discuss our view points and put this problem behind us.

Me: Okay honey, I don't want to argue.

Woman: Before we get started, I went shopping today. I bought two of the prettiest bra and panty sets imaginable. They are both so silky and feminine. I'm wearing one set right now. It's a black see through nylon set that I just love. I know you will too.

Me: (Thinking - I have won again!) Great! I can't wait to see it.

Woman: The other set is also see through nylon - in pink.

Me: Wow! (Getting hard now) I can't wait to see that too. Let's go!

Woman: But that set is not for me, it's for you. Why don't you go upstairs and look on our bed. You'll find your new pink panties and bra waiting for you. Put them on and come back down. Then, we'll have that discussion. Okay, sweetie?

me: (Hesitantly, but hard as a rock now) Yes, Dear..........

Argument over! And - i didn't win.

That's pretty much what Mistress Cassie did from day one in O/our relationship, only much more aggressively at the beginning. She took my weakness and took Control from the beginning. She knew right away what to do and She's an Expert at feminization. An Expert.

i never stood a chance.

The big news and recent awakening all points to this: i finally, finally understand. It all makes sense now. i know what pussified means. That lifetime of denial is over. Only one Woman of the many i've known could make me understand. One Mistress Cassie. She definitely has a Pussy and She has definitely pussified me.

There is a direct line between where i am now and how i got there, Her Pussy. The ramifications are obvious for even a casual occasional reader of this blog.

i've already said it. i love Pussy and i've had my share. But only One could do this to me. Transform me, make me face who i really am. After all these decades, what are the odds that i'll meet a real life Woman who can understand this transformation? Not likely.

So, i'm not going to put the obvious in writing here. This time, it's too important and permanently life changing to put on my blog. i need to hear it from Her. Because it's real and - it's forever.

sissy maid diane

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