Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cleaning up another bad habit

Not long ago i had developed a bad habit for a trained submissive sissy. I had let me grooming go unattended and had hair on my legs, genitals, chest and underarms. Thankfully, with the help of Mistress Cassie, that ugly problem has been corrected.

However, it has come to my attention that another bad habit has crept into my sissy routine. I noticed today that I was peeing standing up. This is truly unacceptable, obviously. It's embarrassing really. Mistress would be very, very disappointed. The problem is being addressed, as this type of behavior will be all the more unacceptable after I give myself in marriage to Mistress next month.

Mistress could punish me, of course. But I am doing a humiliation dress up & shoot tomorrow evening. I have a beige all in one foundation garment with a slit gusset. I intend to sew the gusset shut and put it on, along with all of girly accessories and make up. From then on (today on actually) I will adorn that garment for 24 hours if I catch myself peeing standing up again, no matter what the circumstances.

The sewn gusset will force me to pull the all in one down, across my bra and panties, down to the toilet seat. I'm doing a quick retrain to pee, like a  proper sissy girl.

What's really interesting is that this recognition of the need to pee like a girl goes back years. It was a novelty fantasy at the time, but I knew. Like a lot of my sissy fantasies involving forced feminization, Mistress has made them reality.

So, here's a picture from 1997, with me in a maid's outfit (that i still have).

i don't have the stocking or that hair anymore, but i still have everything else, including the heels and the frilly maid panties. i just have to dig them out of moth balls - hence waiting until tomorrow for the shoot. Naturally there will also be pics of the all in one.

And - that other pee sitting down training device will be on - the sissy clitty cage.

But this will be a fitting punishment for my negligence i think. Hopefully Mistress Cassie will agree. This behavior must stop entirely after i take the wedding vows. Forever.

sissy maid diane

PS - For those paying attention (and those who care) if I get more than 2 comments (not including my comment replies) on this post, i'll phone session with Mistress on this subject tomorrow night as well. It would be my first since the engagement............and me, being a bad girl!


  1. So nice to learn that you are returning to the path. I am concerned that you are marrying Mistress Cassie, to whom you have already surrendered.

    It seems the proper evolution would be to submit to an erect masculine cock.

    Mistress, however powerful she may be cannot give you the direct infusions of testosterone that you must be longing for.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, I have already surrendered to Mistress. But the way my mind works (or doesn't) is that I sometimes figure i'll eventually end up back in another relationship with a Woman, and that this feminization stage is just that - a stage.

      Well, it is a the marriage will be a ceremony of finally admitting to myself that the surrender is permanent - for real.

      Amazingly to me, i have already sucked one cock for Her, and it seems reasonable that after marriage, especially, She may send me down that path once again.

      Speaking of testosterone, when Mistress sessioned me last week She brought up the subject of hormone therapy. I just ordered some progesterone.

      Stay tuned.

  2. i would be spanked into next week, if i stood to pee. Doing a photo shoot is exceptionally nice of Mistress Cassie. Maybe you will get spanked after the shoot.

    1. Yes, I should be spanked and thoroughly. It's ridiculous, really. :o(

  3. Hey!

    We made it!

    Next time,Dianne, don't set the bar so high.

    1. Hi,

      Congratulations. You are comment #3 - there will be a pic post & session with Mistress tomorrow. i think will have learned my lesson (again).

      Hmmmm - too high? Lol!