Tuesday, December 31, 2013

diane's single days are numbered (five & counting down)

my day's as a single, unmarried sissy are numbered. Already trained by and a certified sissy slave to Mistress Cassie, i have 5 days until i 'marry' Her. i'm getting married to an extraordinary online Mistress. The only change in Her life will be that She knows that I will be trapped forever. She is making one commitment:

1) She will NEVER agree to divorce

On the other hand, i will be making 10 more 100% commitments, 11 total:

1) i will submit to Her wishes, and feminization training - always
2) i will wear panties every day
3) i will adhere to my bra schedule minimums
4) i will keep my sissy body shaved
5) i will keep my toenails painted, finger nails as required by Mistress
6) i will always pee sitting down, subject to discipline
7) i will forsake all real Pussy, and love my plastic Pussy - i will never date Women again
8) i will cage after masturbation
9) i will never be allowed to divorce Her
10) i will willingly be Her cuckold
11) i will suck cock and open my virgin sissy pussy to men, at Her request

There will be more commitments and rules for me as Mistress sees fit. The only change in Her life will be whatever happiness i can give Her as Her completely surrendered sissy slave and sissy bride.

i will be wearing my full cathedral white wedding dress on Saturday evening & will take appropriate wedding vows to Mistress.

Even though i am 3 times married & divorced, this will be my first marriage as a submissive sissy - and the first where divorce is not an option.

Oh, my goodness! Will i actually go through with this?????

Stay tuned.......

sissy maid diane

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