Monday, December 30, 2013

The heterosexual question - answered by diane

Yes, i am heterosexual! When i'm the male me, or when i'm diane i live for and adore Pussy.

i love Pussy so much, i'll suck cock for it. Let's be clear about this - i only sucked a cock (once) for Mistress Cassie, and i was completely dressed. i was diane!

i would never suck cock under ant other circumstances. This week, i'll be dressed twice as diane, and posting here. i'll be susceptible to giving a blow job. But - it would be a heterosexual act. i will, undoubtedly suck cock again for Mistress. She only has to say the word - um, two words.

Just setting the record straight here.  :o)

sissy maid diane



  1. "Susceptible"? Sounds to me like there is at least the possibility of one being planned for...