Monday, December 9, 2013

'Maid' to pee sitting down - a preview

It's starting with a change in wardrobe, from the all in one to the sissy maid uniform. Here I am dressing.

It will end with a session with Mistress Cassie and then caging.

Stay tuned.

sissy maid diane

Oops, I have a run in my stocking. i'll fix that....

1 comment:

  1. I cant decide if I am for caging or against. I too love the feeling of a tight but well fitting panty girdle and corselette.

    The split crotch feature is intended as a convenience for women and an opportunity for men intent on sex and to sissies intent on pleasure.

    My concern about the cage is hygiene. While I have every confidence in your personal hygiene, i have concerns about the device itself. I am not sure that I understand all the issues. After all I have given oral to both sexes and that doesn't bother me.

    The point I want to make is, when I first started playing in girdles, i tucked for a smooth form. It works well at controlling erections for the most part. But I evolved.

    Many styles like your Rago actually have a generous opening for a variety of conveniences. However others do not. I would say that if you were tucked in a proper panty, you would still have to pee sitting down, would not need to disrobe, and would not need the cage.

    If I were to suggest a modification to provide for proper access i might suggest a modified bottom profile say a reinforced opening in the back, so as to provide access for your male suitor. If you did it right your tuck would direct your constrained member across the line of action to delightful effect.