Monday, December 2, 2013

The hobbled, controlled sissy (part 1)

The hobble skirt, a wonderful fetish garment that captures (literally) the essense of a sissy being controlled. In this case of sissy maid diane being controlled by Mistress Cassie.

The skirt is very tight and very restricting. i love the audible 'swish' of my nylon covered legs trying to move  against the unforgiving, cinched fabric. Pure sissy heaven.

The heels aren't bad either. All loclked up & in a suitable position for Mistress to mercilessly tease and excite me, Her sissy. Her is more eveidence of the controil that She has over me.

Prt one of two - i took a lot of pictures. It was such fun!

sissy maid diane


  1. Hobble skirt, below the knee or ankle length, is another great Christmas present for your sub or sissy.