Sunday, December 8, 2013

The new crinoline will be in on December 12

Here's a pic with me wearing my old full length crinoline, now gone:

As you can see, it was a little uneven, especially in the back where it bunched up. It takes a lot of special care to keep a crinoline like this in it's proper shape, and it only got worse after this shoot. so I got rid of it. One of the few sissy wardrobe items that I've ever parted with.

So now a new one is on the way.

It has sipped and the expected delivery date is December 12, next Thursday. It will be a busy week next week as my wedding day approaches. I believe i'll give the new crinoline a spin while I decide what to wear as my engagement down. Then there's the poll shoot next weekend.

it could well be back to back shoots. I'm leaning towards a shoot with two gowns, late next week and let the reader's decide which look best in what will be a new poll.

Meanwhile, please vote on my current poll.

Thank you!

sissy maid diane

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